send this page<\/A> to a friend'); Médica Peruana, 1949. Donald A. Proulx, "Ancient Nasca culture of the south coast of Peru is famous for its magnificent polychrome ceramics, textiles, and other works of art, as well as the enigmatic ground markings on the desert plain at Nasca. 1932 nahm sie eine Stelle als Hauslehrerin beim deutschen Konsul in Cusco, Peru, an. Probably the best known examples of geoglyphs are the magnificent lines and drawings carved into the desert on the Nazca Plain in Peru - only able to be seen in their fullness from the air. Many of these shapes overlap each other in a manner that seems intitially random, but which when looked at more closely can be seen to be very much by design. var dayNames = new Array("Sunday","Monday","Tuesday","Wednesday","Thursday","Friday","Saturday"); The aerial photograph to the left below was taken from a helicopter many hundreds of feet up in the air. by Signed by author, "Maria And The Stars Of Nazca / Maria Y Las Estrellas De Nazca" text translation service for many worldwide languages, , "Pathways to the Gods: The Mystery of the Andes Lines" by After the departure of these ancient astronauts, the Nazc… & geoglyphs on In 1949, Maria wrote a book about the lines entitled “The Mystery on the Desert”. 1974 1st Edition, "Geheimnis Der Wuste/ google_color_text = "FFD060"; "Mystery on the Desert" else { document.write('Send this page<\/A> to a friend'); var monthNames = new Array("January","February","March","April","May","June","July", Geheimnis der Wüste - Mystery on the Desert - Secreto de la pampa. if(isPPC()) { Nach dem Besuch der Städtischen Studienanstalt für Mädchen in Dresden studierte sie Mathematik, Physik und Geographie an der Technischen Hochschule Dresden und schloss 1928 mit dem Staatsexamen ab. Reiche expressed astonishment at how the Nazca could build those kilometric lines. Lima, 1949 Reiche, Maria: Vorgeschichtliche Scharrbilder in Peru. (Peoples of America)" They were a set of massive images, symbols carved into the earth, so big that they were unrecognizable from ground level. A remarkable woman to whom the world owes a great debt of gratitude. all rights reserved. German/English/Spanish Maria Reiche died in 1998 at the age of 95. But in other cases Maria Reiche found other possible explanations: "The marvellous regularity of two spirals of which one runs inside the other was produced by winding two ropes, 150 and 130 feet long, around three posts forming a triangle. We haven't found any reviews in the usual places. |, please take a look at our Ancient Mysteries Bookshoppe for a wide selection of books Maria Reiche (15 May 1903 – 8 June 1998) was a German-born Peruvian mathematician, archaeologist, and technical translator.She is known for her research into the Nazca Lines, which she first saw in 1941 together with American historian Paul Kosok.Known as the "Lady of the Lines", Reiche made the documentation, preservation and public dissemination of the Nazca Lines her life's work. In her book Mystery on the Desert, Maria Reiche describes a series of strange lines made by the ancient Nazea people in the plains of Peru, perhaps as early as 200 years before the time of Christ. : "It seems almost incredible that ground-drawings made by superifcially scratching the surface could have withstood the ravages of time and weather over such long periods. The Lines portray images of various birds, plants and animals, such as the famous hummingbird and monkey, as well as expansive and elaborate geometric patterns. A Study of the Ancient Figures and Strange Delineated Surfaces Seen from the Air Near Nazca, Peru, Strange and immense patterns visible from the air, Figures brightened up for study and photography, Other remains of ancient peoples found among the tracings, Mystery on the Desert: A Study of the Ancient Figures and Strange Delineated Surfaces Seen from the Air Near Nazca, Peru. | (Photographer) google_ad_channel ="1949099741"; Maria Reiche, in fact an archaeoastronomer too, ... phenomena, publishing a book on her works entitled "The Mystery on the Desert" in 1949. var y = dt.getYear(); And although strong winds carry great quanitites of sand, not encountering any obstacles on the vast tablelands open towards the north and south, they take it further north, where at seventy miles distance one can see huge dunes on both sides of the Pan-American highway. Die deutsche Wissenschaftlerin Maria Reiche aus Dresden hat die geheimnisvollen Riesenbilder in der Wüste über 40 Jahre erforscht, vermessen und sich maßgeblich für ihre Erhaltung eingesetzt. (Translator) Unknown Binding It was found, for example, that the huge regular curves of animal-figures were composed of segments of circles, whose centres were marked by a stone which had been, or was cut to, one hundredth of the the corresponding radius.". In many respects this has been caused simply by the sheer size of the geoglyphs which can only be appreciated properly from the air. Read, highlight, and take notes, across web, tablet, and phone. Secreto De La Pampa" Hardcover What people are saying - Write a review. by Mystery on the desert/ | The line pointing to its border, which was cleaned for the photograph, could have been constructed for solstice observations.". google_ad_width = 728; V… google_color_url = "00CCFF"; She was also known as "the witch" because nobody understood what that blonde foreigner was doing, measuring inch by inch the ancient lines carved in the earth, whose mystery remains unsolved to this day. How did cities evolve in the ancient Andes?". Lucy Lippard Without a doubt the most infamous theory about the Nazca Lines' origin was that proposed by Erich Von Däniken in his 1968 book Chariots of the Gods. But this Inca empire was only the final link in a chain of urban development stretching back to 2500 B.C. | // End -->, "Markings: Aerial Views of Sacred Landscapes There are line-arrangements which appear in a great variety of size categories together with very similar shapes. Text in English, German and Spanish. Spirals In The Desert, Share This Page Keith Critchlow Marilyn Bridges & Craig Morris, "The largest empire of pre-Columbian America was toppled in under a decade by a handful of Spanish invaders who looted the fabled riches of its greatest city, Cuzco, and severed its 15,000 mile system of roads. Birds On The Pampa google_ad_channel ="6699810230"; It is an oblique view, and can give an idea of the sheer vastness of the endeavour undertaken by the ancient people of Nazca. Englische Ausgabe, Selbstverlag Maria Reiche, Lima, 1949 Reiche, Maria: Los dibujos gigantescos en el suelo de las Pampas de Nazca y Palpa. Malcolm G. Leybourne Ed. //-->, Home | The Human Scale google_color_bg = "000000"; google_ad_format = "160x600_as"; | | Spanish & English In 1980 Georg Petersen pointed out that Reiche's theory did not explain the different lengths and widths of the lines. Maria Reiche: Mystery on the Desert. The alien beings supposedly imparted the local people with special knowledge and technology before returning to their home planet. Animals & Landscape Little wonder, then, that Maria Reiche in her book, "Mystery on the Desert", quotes the original discoverer of the mysterious lines, trapezoids and geoglyphs at Nazca, Dr. Paul Kosok, as saying that in his opinion they represented: "the largest astronomy-book of the world", all quotes on these tribute pages are from Maria Reiche wurde in Dresden als ältestes von drei Kindern des Amtsgerichtsrates Felix Reiche-Grosse und dessen Ehefrau Elisabeth geboren. It is the sheer size of the work undertaken by the ancient Peruvians that continues to fascinate all who encounter them, and Maria Reiche explains in her book, "Mystery on the Desert", the method of construction // -->, . Mystery on the Desert: A Study of the Ancient Figures and Strange Delineated Surfaces Seen from the Air Near Nazca, Peru: Author: Maria Reiche: Publisher: Ed. Astro-Archaeology News 2019, The Morien Institute The … Mystery on the Desert: A Study of the Ancient Figures and Strange Delineated Surfaces Seen from the Air Near Nazca, Peru Maria Reiche Ed. "The geometric drawings give at closer inspection the impression of a cipher-script, in which the same words are sometimes written in huge letters, at another time in minute characters. by As astronomers begin to apply their knowledge to ancient sites, and as archæologists begin to learn a little astronomy, a greater understanding of the skywatching activities of ancient peoples is emerging. Even when equal in size, there are, as in living beings, never two the same.". Maria Reiche google_color_link = "00CCFF"; by For over 50 years Maria Reiche lived at Nazca prtoecting the lines and drawings which are only visible from the air. Just to have constructed these magnificent geoglyphs is an achievement in itself. Descripción y ensayo de interpretación” (Mystery On The Desert – a New Revelation Of Ancient Peru). about the Nazca lines google_color_url = "00CCFF"; (Contributors) So began almost a century of investigation as archeologists and amateur enthusiasts alike tried to make sense of one of the world’s greatest mysteries: the Nazca lines. google_color_bg = "000000"; Maria Reiche was said to be have been so devoted to protecting the Nazca Lines, she would physically shield the figures from visitors and cars, armed with only a broom. Maria Reiche, the German mathematician renowned for her investigative work into the Nazca Lines, has been honoured in the Google Doodle for May 15, 2018. by This scholarly yet accessible book provides a penetrating examination of this important civilization.". google_ad_height = 90; Dr. Hermann Kern Tony Morrison, "Nazca: Eighth Wonder of the World?" They are traced in the arid soil of the desert, covering an extensive area, some 450 km 2(170 sq mi) and they are believed to be over 1,500 years old. Literatur T. Morrison, Pathways to the Gods - the Mystery of the Andes, London 1987; V. Zetzsche/D. by Maria Reiche, if you would like to support our astro-archaeology research projects 2019 Skywatching Calendar | One could say that it rains for half an hour every two years. Mystery on desert Nazca - Perù , Geheimnis der Wuste - Secreto de la pampa by Maria Reiche and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Anthony F. Aveni, "The Cities of the Maria Reiche continued her work from her home in the Nazca desert, where she managed to finally convince the Peruvian Air Force to aid her in creating aerial images of the mysterious carvings. Mystery on the Desert book. Anita Jepson-Gilbert This theory held that ancient Nazca was the landing site for an extraterrestrial spacecraft. 92 pp., 36 pls., 7 figs. Mystery on the Desert, Secreto De La Pampa, 2nd Ed [Maria Reiche] on } 0 Reviews. Today's Google doodle honours a woman who spent her life trying to unlock the mysteries of the shapes. that challenge orthodox views of prehistory on every continent,